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Take the guesswork out of charity streams!

Streaming with Stream for a Cause means having the constant support of staff to guide you from the start of your prepping and planning, all the way to the very end of your actual stream. It means being able to ask questions and getting clarity about anything.

Stream for a Cause will help hand craft a charity stream using concepts and ideas from how you run your stream and how you interact with your community. Working alone can be a daunting process so let Stream for a Cause do the work for you!

As a streamer, I strive to use my platform to help others. Stream For A Cause immediately stands out as a team of passionate and dedicated individuals who really want to make an impact on communities around the world. They are incredibly supportive and an absolute joy to work with, even if it results in me taking a pie to the face. I am grateful for the opportunity to join their admirable cause to shed light on and raise funds for so many wonderful charities around the world.

Twitch Streamer

Copy of 48 Battle for Mental Health (1).


Everything is better with friends! Including charity streams! Stream for a Cause offers monthly events which are coordinated with our volunteer streamers. Whether it's a 48 hour raid weekend or festive holiday themed events, there's a little something for everyone. For these events, Stream for a Cause often have giveaways and incentives built in for donors automatically. 

Upcoming Events

October 30th || LFG Bar Charity Fundraiser in Kalamazoo, MI

October 30th-31st || 48 Hour Scream-a-thon

Get Ahead

Stream for a Cause wants to invest in your hard work. Stream for a Cause uses a portion of their budget to support their volunteer's streams. We want to reward you for making a positive impact in small communities all over the world by helping you to grow. At Stream for a Cause we believe when our volunteers grow, Stream for a Cause grows too!

Have other questions?

Check out our FAQ and see if they've been answered already! Send us a contact if you'd like to learn more!