Streamers are Key to Success

Streamers and content creators are what make Stream for a Cause work. Many people like the idea of charity streams and giving back to a community and we like that idea too.

Streaming with our organization allows you to give back in a way that every dollar you raise makes an impact. We want to connect streamers and content creators to nonprofits all over the place, that are making a difference in their community every single day.

Oh, and did we mention we want to reward you for your hard work? We will work with you to promote your stream and your brand, as well as help you earn upgrades to your streaming setup.

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Sign up with us by using our contact form and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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Host a few charity streams throughout the year and help us raise money to donate.



Grow your presence and your brand with help from our organization and earn sweet loot along the way.

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Check out our FAQ and see if they've been answered already! Send us a contact if you'd like to learn more!