Are we a non-profit?

Stream for a Cause is a 501(c)3 federally registered nonprofit that is based in the state of Michigan. We received our charitable status on July 24th 2020. We operate as a charitable foundation, meaning we seek to raise money to help non-profits with missions important to our community of gamers. Our role is to coordinate our volunteer streamers and then make sure the money raised is used responsibly by the organizations that receive it.

Why do I need a volunteer agreement?

We're not just an online group of people. Stream for a Cause is an actual non-profit and all non-profits that use volunteers should be using a Volunteer Agreement. A Volunteer Agreement is a mutual understanding of expectations between the people who are volunteering and the non-profit itself. 

Do I get to pick the non-profit my money goes to?

Stream for a Cause has a very thorough evaluation process in selecting a non-profit to receive a donation from Stream for a Cause. We also believe that we can help non-profits more by combining lots of different donations from various streamers. If every streamer picked their own non-profit, chances are we could never find two people fundraising for the same one. Instead, we invite you to let us know which causes are important to you, and we will look for non-profits that work towards those goals. You are also welcome to submit any non-profit that you personally believe in and we will run it through our evaluation process to see if it's a good fit.

How do I earn rewards?

Most non-profits use a portion of their budget in order to raise funds for their programs. Stream for a Cause has a unique system of fundraising with our charity streams. The more successful our streamers are, the more money they can raise to help non-profits globally. Because of this, we use our traditional fundraising budget and reinvest it in our volunteer streamers. That's why 10% of all donations gathered in a charity event are put into an account for the individual that raised them. The streamer can then use that credit to upgrade their streaming capabilities with new equipment, giveaways to promote themselves, and new content to stream.