streaming  can  be  more than  entertainment

Help raise money for causes worth believing in.

In 2019, over $70 million was raised by content streamers for charity. Most of that money went to large nationwide nonprofits. At Stream for a Cause, we want to put that money in the hands of the organizations that can use it most. By becoming one of our streamers or donating, you can help small nonprofits across the world to impact the lives in their communities.  

Stream for a Cause is a beautiful nonprofit. They reached out to me trying to help smaller nonprofits like us, and having the community surround us and understand what we're trying to do and just support us wholeheartedly. They are an amazing nonprofit that a lot of charities in the gaming community really need.

-Jimmy Weller
Founder and President of Charity Gaming


Stream for a Cause works with the missions important to our community of volunteers and seeks out nonprofits that fit these goals. We want to know what matters to you and what changes you want to see in the world.

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Whether you're a streamer or not, if you have a nonprofit that is important to you, let us know! We will run it through our evaluation process and see if it is eligible for a donation! We want to hear what matters to you.

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Make  a  difference

Don't want to volunteer but still want to help out? Consider donating directly to Stream for a Cause to help communities everywhere with your generous donation.


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